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Copywriting and business documentation

First impressions do last, and on every document, copywriting and business documentation are the key to nailing the first and lasting impression. Writing content can be challenging particularly with using keywords, subliminal suggestion and computer reading of documents such as ATS.


Word artistry is writing words that inform, educate, suggest, has emotion, is direct or subliminal and that change minds, has the tone that will resonate with the reader.


People engage us to write volumes of text or sometimes a few lines. You need to be prepared to discuss your ideas. After all, this writing represents you and its tone to reflect you or your business.


Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed so that you will be assured your ideas, information and content will remain confidential.


A call will often come in at the last minute with a document due tomorrow – it is not ideal, but it happens and we help when we can. We like as much notice as possible.


To discuss your requirements –use the contact form below and we will be in touch. A portfolio of content is available to qualified enquiries as is the ability to speak to past clients.   It is typical that a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed – this gives you peace of mind knowing that your information will not be shared.