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Instruction Design | Learning Resources and Assessments

When it comes to designing a learning experience, instructional designers must take three main components into account to ensure the learning is effective: learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments. We have qualified trainers/assessors that can assist with instructional design, writing of training manuals, and assessment tools using various assessment instruments mapped to units of competency.  

We pride ourselves having access to a variety of subject matter experts in various industries. If you need learning content written that is contextualised to your student cohort, we can assist. If we write specifically for you, the copyright is retained by you.  

If you want to order quality training products and assessments, with mapping document to units of competency, that can be customised with your logo and details on them. Our qualifications are expanding all the time. Email for a brochure or to enquire as to the qualification you are after.

With our learning design strategies that is proven to improve teaching and learning, we can assist with loading content on to different LMS such as Moodle, Axcelerate, and similar platforms.

For enquiries use the contact form.